Internet: A Mission Field

by in Online Marketing.

We were honored to a have a seat at the 2012 annual Texas Ministry Conference, both actively and passively. Below is a video from our brief keynote presentation segment led by our Co-Owner and CEO, Tim Peters. Did you know? The average American spends over 60 hours a month online. That … 10 to 20% … Read More

Design Q&A

by in Web Design.

I’ve never posed for a painting, but I recently came pretty close. At least, that’s how it felt. A senior at a nearby high school asked if I would answer a handful of design-related questions. My first reaction was to look behind myself, before asking, “Who? Me?” While the interview may not exactly have been … Read More

Hello Inbound Marketing, Good-Bye Expensive Outbound Marketing

by in Online Marketing.

Due to the Internet boom, marketing has greatly evolved. Outbound Marketing (TV ads, billboards, direct mail) is no longer relied upon to learn about products and services. Inbound Marketing (search engines, social media, etc) has given people alternative ways for finding and researching brands.  The new marketing communication — Inbound Marketing — has become a two-way … Read More

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