About Resolute Creative

Our Creative Solutions Help Organizations Grow.

Resolute Creative is a group of strategic marketers, thinkers, writers, designers, and developers, who specialize in transforming organizational challenges into growth opportunities through digital solutions. We are a highly educated group, and bring more than 50 years of combined experience in developing, launching and managing strategic Internet marketing solutions for national and local nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

Our holistic and relational Accelerate Strategy Process to marketing your organization sets us apart from all other marketing agencies. First, we develop rewarding relationships with clients by treating them as true partners. You may choose to be deeply involved, or you may prefer a less is more approach, but the choice is yours, and your insight and wisdom are always welcome here. Second, we never look at any project as a one-off, but always consider how each solution we develop affects your organizational brand, and the overall goals we develop together. It’s a strategy process that has proven to accelerate organizational growth. Through the years our team successfully helped the following industries with digital marketing solutions and strategy: churches, non-profits, legal, oil and gas, medical and dental to entrepreneurial start-ups.

  • Excellence we produce results
  • Authenticity we genuinely care
  • Passion we love learning

The Solution Creators

Tim Peters

Co-Founder, CEO

Twitter: @TimRPeters

Blog: timpeters.org

Email: tpeters@resolutecreative.com

Jacob Abshire

Co-Founder, COO

Twitter: @AliasBDI

Blog: t411.com

Facebook: jacob.abshire

Email: jabshire@resolutecreative.com

Chip Gillespie


Joey Matthews